Care for a Cause

Football is a game of life. For anyone to experience a successful life, one must be humble in character, passionate, disciplined and have a peaceful co-existence with others. All this applies to football, as it is a game of life. My future plans are inclusive of coaching and supporting disabled athletes. Disabled people have talents too and they should be nurtured. I want their voice to be heard. I believe that whatever I want to have I can have it, guided by the spirit of optimism. I have learnt from the disabled that despite the condition in life, one has to be willing to persevere.

“Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn’t mean he lacks vision.”

– Stevie Wonder

I am part of a team that is developing the best practices to support disabled athletes. I hope to be a leading voice in the world of sports that will ensure people get accessibility to athletic platforms. Many sports fans will always attest that, watching athletes on the sidelines is one of the best experiences irrespective and also the disabled athletes deserve this. This is all brought about by chants from supporting fans, passion filled eyes and the sweat falling off from the players. A perfect athlete will always tell who is in the game, who’s focused and who’s ready to make moves. When the game is on heat and the underdogs happen to rise and triumph, beating all the odds, the world of sports can be referred to as a place where mathematical equations don’t always add up. I believe disabled athletes need platform to display their talents, they too deserve the joy of being part of sports.