Abdulla Ahmad Salem (29) Al Ahli FC

Published: 18th of February 2016

Abdulla Ahmad Salem is one of the star players at Al Ahli Football Club. He bashfully admits he has been approached a number of times about modeling and you can see the wonder in his eyes. With a keen interest in fashion and personal styling and a six feet body frame, we talk to Abdulla about striking a pose and making the right impression off the field.

LAF: Can you please describe your Personal Grooming Routine?

Abdulla Salem: My weekend grooming routine is about being able to relax and have a nice hair cut at my hairdresser, if I am not with my children and wife. I’ll either find a friend to go with and share the experience and catch up, or I’ll just chill out on my own. I am always looking at different styles. Right now it’s about a clean back and sides with a fade reaching into a low trim beard. I take a massage when I can and that helps a lot as we work hard during the week at camp!

LAF: So tell us about your shaving routine. Do you razor shave or machine shave?

Abdulla Salem: My facial hair is very limited. I like to wear a low trimmed beard through the year. I have tried a moustache but I know that this is not for me! I definitely am not one for making patterns in my hair or anything like that. It’s not me. I prefer a gentleman’s classic look and style – this is me! I only use a machine for shaving as I cannot take the razor blade. It gives me too many problems after a few days, but I have not yet had the opportunity to use the laser treatment. I hear it’s good, stops irritation and bumps. I’ll definitely get there. I hear good things about that. He laughs. It would be great not having to shave for a few months and still keep a nice clean look.

LAF: And where do scents and perfumes fit into your routine?

Abdulla Salem: I myself like to use a scented cream for my body so when I sweat during training or a game I smell pleasant. I wear different after shaves depending what I find in the latest men’s magazine I am reading, my scent preference and how I feel.

LAF: Who would you say has had the strongest influence on your personal appearance and personal grooming attitude?

Abdulla Salem: My personal appearance is very important to me and this goes with my interest in fashion, clothes and style. I share this with my wife when we shop together. My wife and I share ideas here and she can see my passion for these things. On weekends, we look at personal and grooming accessories together and I make suggestions for outfits that I am planning to wear. I think she’s sometimes surprised with my choices – I love this!! I like Paul Smith socks and I have a few crazy pairs of his socks in crazy colours!

LAF: What is your personal grooming tip for LAF readers?

Abdulla Salem: I definitely cream myself completely. I think it’s normal after the water dries out your skin. You have to moisturize completely.


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